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CLDADM training - Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration v1.0

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Course duration                 Course price                   Corresponding exam
5 days   EUR 2.990,00 excl. BTW/VAT   #210-455
1 year access ELT EUR 1.425,00 excl. BTW/VAT   #210-455

Course description

This course covers components of the Cisco Cloud management software solution, fundamentals of Cloud infrastructure administration, reporting and charge-back, cloud provisioning, management, monitoring and remediation.

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This Cisco CLDADM Course/training is covering the following subjects:
• Cisco UCS Director
• Cisco Prime Service Catalog
• Virtual Application Container Services
• Grundlagen der Cloud Infrastructure Administration
• Reporting und Charge-back
• Verwendung von vorkonfigurierten Templates
• Cloud Management, Monitoring und Remediation

Target Audience

Cloud engineers, cloud administrators, cloud infrastructure architects, and Cisco integrators and partners who perform operations and support of Cisco cloud products and solutions.



085 - 0498 591